£950 Fixed Fee Conveyancing

Thank you for taking the time out to attend our relaunch event. See below for a full list of what is included within your £950 fixed fee conveyancing offer. Additional fees which may be required are listed below.

Included: For Purchases

  • No Sale due to title issue or other parties rescinding the contract no Conveyance
  • Free Client ID checks
  • Checking and verifying that finances are in place to fund the purchase and contacting your lender (if any);
  • Receiving and advising upon the contract documents;
  • Carrying out the necessary property searches;
  • Obtaining further planning documentation (if required);
  • Making any necessary enquiries of your seller’s solicitor;
  • Giving you advice on all documents and information received;
  • Dealing with lenders directly
  • Going through the conditions of mortgage offer with you (if you are having a mortgage);
  • Sending the final contract to you for signature;
  • Agreeing completion date (date from which you own the property) with all parties;
  • Exchanging contracts and notifying you that this has happened;
  • Arranging for all monies needed to be received from lender and you;
  • Dealing with ISA’s
  • Completing the transaction and/or mortgage;
  • Dealing with notification of and payment of any Stamp Duty Land Tax;
  • Dealing with the application for registration at Land Registry.

Included: For Sales

  • No Sale due to title issue or other parties rescinding the contract no Conveyance Fee
  • Client ID checks
  • Submitting Protocol Forms for you to complete
  • Preparation of Contract Papers
  • Issuing Contract to the buyers solicitors
  • Replying to legal enquiries
  • If Leasehold obtaining the Leasehold Pack
  • Contacting your lender and obtaining redemption statements
  • One bank transfer fee for sending completion monies to you.
  • Execute the exchange of contracts
  • Discharge the mortgage
  • Sending deeds and documents to buyers solicitors

What Isn’t Included

You will be required to pay for additional disbursements that are required, this includes but is not limited to:

  • ID check fees
  • Office Copy Fees
  • Search Fees
  • Help to Buy or Help to Buy ISA
  • Working with Mortgagee Solicitors
  • HM Lang Registry Fee
  • Pre-completion searches
  • AML check fee
  • Deed variation to a lease
  • Purchase of a Lease
  • Lease extensions
  • Auction properties
  • Staircasing properties

You can find the costs for these here, or contact us today for a quote.


We reserve the right to remove this offer or amend the inclusions at anytime. If you accept this “£950 Fixed Fee Conveyancing” it is your responsibility to ensure you have read the latest version of these terms.

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